Episode 9 : Rawang to
Selangor Fruits Valley

Route Hunters episodes have always been about documenting the best driving roads across Malaysia. We try to find the best roads for you to escape from the hectic life of the Klang Valley, so you can have a weekend getaway with your family and friends while appreciating our beautiful countryside.

Same goes with Episode 9, but this time around we have upped the ante by providing a more in depth info on the routes with points of interest and every Malaysian’s favorite indulgence, good food! So be sure to follow us as we bring you the Route Hunters Episodes in our new format featuring the multi-talented Peugeot 3008 and get to know the beautiful side of Malaysia via the open country roads. 

Vital Info

Length : 18.9km

Route: 3209

Nearst towns: Rawang / Bestari Jaya (Batang Berjuntai)

What to Expect?

While most residents in the Klang Valley are quick to settle with the generic Ulu Yam road as the route of choice for a weekend drive, we would like to argue that this piece of tarmac could be a credible alternative for those who are willing to get here early. Plus, there’s an amazing facility to check out at the end of the drive with gorgeous views. 

The Course

This road is not too far from the Klang Valley and its accessible via either the Rawang town or the Rawang Toll Plaza. Head towards the road marked Bestari Jaya past the Petronas and Shell stations respectively and you will reach a crossroad. Follow the signage that says Selangor Fruits Valley via the B27 and you will be at the beginning of the route.

Once past the bridge, you are effectively on route 3209 which is the beginning of the driving road. Access to the road may have been kicked off with bad condition tarmac but past that thought the road becomes a real treat. Suddenly traffic becomes scarce and the roads become smooth and twisty.

The first half of the road is tight and twisty just like the Selangor half of Kuala Kelawang. And just like Kelawang, the road surface is amazing except for one or two road edges which are rutted due to heavy vehicle usage. Otherwise its bliss from corner to corner.

Towards the end the road opens up to a sweeping flow with gorgeous views of plantations on either side of the road. The Peugeot 3008 was perfectly at home on this piece of tarmac, providing plenty of grip at the tight sections, good throttle response out of the turns and looked like a million bucks when we pulled over to take a picture or two. 

The Attraction

At the end of the drive, you are greeted to the Selangor Fruits Valley, a 1000 acre facility spread across the Selangor countryside housing a whole lot of fruit tree and vegetable species.

The entrance fee is RM10 per adult and RM5 for children below the age of 12. At the lobby there’s a restaurant, a spice garden and a viewpoint which overlooks the valley. It’s the perfect place to unwind after the drive here. But if you wish to explore more, then we suggest you take on a tour of the facility. Mind you it will take at least half a day to experience everything the Selangor Fruits Valley has to offer.

A tram ride will bring you around the various attractions which include a deer park, a petting zoo which includes rabbits, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs, a lake teeming with fishes and a more. But the crown jewel for us has to be the Kampung House. A perfect replica of what a traditional Malaysian kampung house will look like, complete with a tiny farm behind it for poultry, a well, an AM radio and a working black and white TV! Perched on the top of a hill, sitting on the verandah really took our crew down memory lane as we reminisce about our childhood ‘balik kampung’ days.  

Food Hunt

No Route Hunters episode is complete without a food destination and its no exception for Episode 9. The Selangor Fruits Valley visit includes a serving of delicious ‘kelapa pandan’. With a fragrance that’s more intense than usual when compared to your average young coconut, and a more zingy tasting water, the ‘kelapa pandan’ was a much needed beverage for us after basking under the hot sun throughout the entire morning.

The flesh of the kelapa pandan served here is also very soft and tasty. As these words are being typed, our throats are craving one more sip of that delicious water to wash down our throat and to taste those coconut flesh one more time. Don’t just take our word for it, be the judge of it by trying it out yourself! 


Heavy Vehicles

There is the occasional traffic of heavy vehicles that uses this route so be sure to not overtake in the corners and always stay in your lane. At the tighter turns it would be a good idea to sound the horn to give a heads up to oncoming traffic. Otherwise the road usually is traffic free.

Monkeys / Wild Dogs

The local fauna population can be a cause of concern, especially for bikers. Most of the time they do stay at the edge of the road but be aware of them. A monkey may be small but a 60kph impact on your radiator or oil cooler could lead to very costly repairs. 


For those who are looking for a quick getaway out of the Klang Valley without having to resort to Ulu Yam or Genting Highlands, or for those who intend to get back to nature in a day’s trip, the Selangor Fruits Valley via the 3209 is the perfect road trip for you.

The Peugeot 3008 served us as the perfect road trip car by providing a sure footed handling, a responsive drive, plenty of space to bring our gear and fruits, and those SUPER COMFORTABLE seats! And despite the rather spirited drive, it still returned a decent 8.9 liters / 100km.

What do you think about the Selangor Fruits Valley as a day trip destination? What are your thoughts about the Peugeot 3008 as the car of choice for this road trip? Would you head to a place like this with family or friends? Share your thoughts on this Episode in the comments below, and stay tuned for Episode 10, which will be coming soon! 

For more info on the Selangor Fruits Valley visit their website at : https://selangorfruitvalley.my/