Episode 10 : Bukit
Tagar to Pekan Stesen Behrang

Episode 10 of our Route Hunters drives brings us through a set of driving roads that we daresay are never spoken off by the majority of driving enthusiasts in the country. Yet, venture these roads during the early hours of the day and you will be rewarded with picturesque views overlooking plantation valleys and sweeping roads. With the multi-talented, multi award winning Peugeot 3008 SUV as our ride, we ventured through these roads which rewarded us with a lovely drive, and a really delicious meal.

Vital Info

Length : 18.9km

Route: B33, B44

Nearst towns: Bestari Jaya (Batang Berjuntai) / Felda Gedangsa / Behrang

What to Expect?

The easiest way to access the Episodeo 10 driving roads is via the Bukit Tagar toll exit, which is about 40 minutes from the Jalan Duta Toll Plaza. But if you’re adventurous like us, then you can experience what we dub as the Malaysian version of the ‘Mulsanne straight’ if you make your way from either Rawang or Bestari Jaya, past UNISEL

The Course


The total length of the route is about 54km, and it cuts right through a couple of Felda settlements, until you reach the Pekan Stesen Behrang. You won’t be able to find a street level view of these roads on Google Maps but our curiosity was well rewarded.


If you access this road via UNISEL, then you would add another 12 plus km to your drive and it’s a straight stretch but we would advise against speeding here, since the surface can be a little scarred due to constant usage by heavy vehicles, which could be dangerous. 

As for the B33 and B44 itself, there’s a quick dash across the plantation valley’s before stepping into a Felda settlement. And once you cross the settlement, you enter empty roads again and the cycle continues. The Felda settlements can be a much needed breather after the smooth and flowing roads. Also, it really brings out the ‘balik kampung’ vibe passing through these lovely villages, especially when we are creeping closer to the month of Ramadan.


The roads itself treks through palm oil plantations in various stages, which gives a varied and vivid landscape. The plantation landscape then gives way to forests roads which have reasonable elevation and lovely contours. Among the past 10 episodes we have driven, this scenery transition is unique to only this particular stretch of tarmac. 

The Attraction

Midway in the route, take a drive into the Felda Gedangsa settlement and just behind the mosque, a local entrepreneur has a delightful surprise for those who walk through his doors.Mr Anuar has been selling fresh deer meat from his home, with a make shift farm / petting zoo at the back of the house, and a simple restaurant at the front. 

Here you can truly get up close with the animals and even touch them, if they let you. Mr Anuar also mentioned how there are lots of cases of fake deer meat sold in the market, especially during festive seasons. He even gave us pointers on how to spot fake meat, for instance genuine deer meat will come with bones while fake meat will not, as it will be a dead giveaway. 


Food Hunt

Of course it would be criminal offence if we had come all the way to the Northern Boarder of Selangor to a deer farm and not sample the meat? Mr Anuar runs a rudimentary restaurant on his front porch, which is open from 5pm on weekdays and 3pm on public holidays.

We were served a fresh plate of Venison steak with black pepper sauce. Most of the items are home-made, and it’s not exactly a Michelin star kitchen. But the village atmosphere, fresh air, fresh cut Venison, and Mr Anuar’s hospitality made it such an amazing dining experience! Some of the team members were still knifing the bones in hopes to get a little bit more to chew on. 




Occasionally the roads might have one or two places that are rutted or might undergo some repair works. At these points the roads may narrow so do look out for vehicles that are coming in from the opposite direction.

Felda Residence

This is a quaint village with a laidback pace. So if you’re driving past their houses, be sure to cap your speed right down, and be sure not to speed or be unruly here. In 50km of driving roads, 5km of residential roads is not going to hurt that much. Be respectful


The sweeping driving roads of the B33 and the B44 were a joy to traverse on using the Peugeot 3008. We had mentioned in our 37,000km report that the car had good handling prowess. Out here on the open roads, it truly shined.

Thanks to a mere 1300kg kerb weight and well calibrated dampers, the car was a hoot to drive on these roads. Thanks to a responsive autobox and 240Nm from the turbocharged 1.6 liter engine, it was effortless to carry out overtakes and to throttle out of the turns. It was easy and safe driving this car on B roads like these.

All in all, this road is strictly for those who love a good scenery and those who enjoy unique dining experiences. For those who would like to get in touch with Mr Anuar on details for the Anuar Rusa Steak House, you can contact him at : 019-6368316

Or reach them via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rusagedangsa/