Route Hunters Episode 8
Episode 8 takes us into the Felda heartlands beyond Jertantut

Length : 83.4km

Route: Route 64

Nearst towns: Jerantut / Maran (Pahang)

This is indeed the hidden gem that nobody talks about. Here on out we will talk about roads that you would have never heard off nor have any form of video or images on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Well, except with the Route Hunters. Episode 8 will be the dangerously beautiful Route 64 between Jerantut and Maran.

Route Hunters Episode 8
A mixture of both twisty and mid speed roads


What to Expect?

Jerantut to Maran

 In Episode 5 we covered the beautiful route from Benta to Jerantut via the 64 which cuts across the mid-section of Pahang.  This time it’s a continuation from Jerantut on the 64 towards the town of Maran. This route will seem like a dead end at the eastern boarder of the Jerantut town. But keep at it and the urban background will slowly fade away into the Felda plantations and forests that line this route. What ensures is pure gold which can allow you a certain degree of speed. But don’t get too comfortable at high triple digits as you would need your anchors soon and hard.

Route Hunters Episode 8
3D overview of the route on Google Maps


The Course

The action truly begins once you cross the Jengka BHP and Caltex. By then you would encounter the junction to head down to route 83 (towards Bandar Tun Razak). Once past the petrol station though it’s a technical course which is mild on elevation changes but with lots of deceiving double apexes.

There are lots of continuous chicanes, but out of 4 you probably will have visibility on the first two corners. The remaining two will be hidden behind bushes and plantation slopes.

Towards the mid part of the course thought it opens up into a palm tree lined high speed section. This can be extremely fun and dangerous at the same time.

Route Hunters Episode 8
The initial part of the route is lined by back to back

The tarmac is generally smooth throughout the entire course, maybe a rut or two in some places. It starts out slightly rough but eventually it smooths out. This course will go by the famous Marathandavar temple in Maran, which would be a good destination for nice afternoon banana leaf rice (strictly veg)

The road gets narrower towards the end after the temple and eventually widens up upon nearing the LPT highway.

Route Hunters Episode 8
Sweeping corners open up to straights lined with Palm oil trees before diving into the next corner.




What could provide you with the most amount of fun could potentially cause death. You can reach big speeds on these roads but be aware of the fact that you are not too comfortable with this tarmac. Your’s truly have lost a family friend to this very road and he’s been driving on it for almost 40 years in all kinds of vehicles.

Villagers / Devotees

As mentioned, it does go though a Felda plantation, so workers, residents and devotees will be on the side of the roads most times. Pegging your speed down to under 60kph will help in a big way.


Wild boars, cows, and goats. Watch out for those. A collision with even a goat will be sufficient enough to mess up your radiator, oil cooler, intercooler etc.


This part of the country is sparse in population. It will be a while before you see another car or another person, or even decent mobile reception. Not a place you want to break down or crash. So keep calm and you will have a great time. Show off and you will be eating humble pie for weeks.