Episode 3 : Pekan Batu 14 to Kuala Kelawang

Route Hunters Episode 3
Kuala Kelawang, one of the best driving roads within the Klang Valley vicinity

Length: 43.7km

Routes: B116, B19, B32

Nearest Towns: Pekan Batu 14, Semenyih, Kuala Kelawang

In the 3rd episode of Route Hunter’s, we are upping the ante abit. This route is not the most accessible of roads, and in my opinion it doesn’t really go anywhere. But set in the heart of Selangor against the backdrop of a lake and its surrounding mountain range, this hidden gem is more tarmac rally stage than public road

The actual route starts after Simpang Peras to the entrance of Kampung Kongkol. This ribbon of tarmac is exceptionally twisty and had my attention as far back as 2009, but I never had time to really explore it.

The only way to access this route is by first driving all the way into Pekan Bt 14 Hulu Langat first, which would explain the sparse traffic. But one thing’s for sure, many know about this route but few make mentions about them or release any form of footage on it. I don’t blame any enthusiast on this, after 2 drives even I was looking at this route and was going “my precious!!” Hence why I drove up here twice, once with a Perodua Myvi and again with my fellow Lion GTi-ers (Big shoutout to you guys, ya’ll were absolute sports!). This

route is that fun!

Route Hunters Episode 3
3D map of the B116 Jalan Sg Tekali that links Pekan Batu 14 to the Semenyih lake via Google Maps
Route Hunters Episode 3
From the Semenyih lake towards Kuala Kelawang via B32 on Google Maps


What to expect?

As mentioned the route connects Hulu Langat and Kuala Kelawang, the route passes the Semenyih lake and the surrounding mountains. What will greet you is spellbinding views of a massive man-made lake, unspoilt jungle (most part), and if you are willing then an early morning arrival here will see the hills shrouded in mists. In fact on some parts of the route you will be literally driving through the clouds.  The route is relatively unspoilt, thanks to the tightness and gradient severity its not really heavy vehicle friendly therefore its relatively smooth. Which is what we are interested in.

Route Hunters Episode 3
Its all about tight corners and double apexes


The course

The route is part of the road that connects Hulu Langat, Selangor and Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan. We accessed this route via Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat via a 10km route Jalan Sungai Tekali (B116) over an interestingly named place called Gunung Hantu. This uphill  / downhill route is pretty steep (maybe up to 15% gradient) and serves as a good warm up to the course to come and links Batu 14 with the Semenyih Lake.

The actual course starts from Simpang Peras towards Titi and eventually Kuala Kelawang. We turn off right before Titi, at the entrance of Kg Kongkol as beyond that it’s pretty straight and not a real driving challenge.

In between though its all tight and relentless bends. This route is not for the beginners, it really demands commitment. If you’re easily overwhelmed or your passenger is weak in the stomach stay clear of this route. There’s little in the way of a hard shoulder to pull over for miles and it is very 3 dimensional. I shall let the images do the talking.

The ideal ride for this route would be nothing short of a full on WRC car, its that demanding. Alternatively a well sorted hot hatch or a 4WD rally bred car would shine out here. Whatever you bring up here its best that its not too long in length nor does it exceed 1700kg (not sure how an R35 would fare here, would need a really committed driver). In fact I did spot an A45 AMG, two Audi TT Quattro’s making their way up there when we were done.

Route Hunters Episode 3
At the start of the route from the Lake



Bumps and Crests

Sneaky hazards, but hazards nevertheless. If you’re lowered beyond a point its going to be an issue, if you’re riding way stiffer than needed then prepare with a parachute cause you will catch air if your car is putting out more than 150bhp.


Newfound hazard is cyclists. Since its extremely remote and virtually free of traffic this route became a fan favourite with cyclists. One way to work around this is to get here by 7am, as the cyclist have only just begun entering the route, giving the drivers plenty of time to enjoy the course.

Weekend Bikers

Once again two wheelers, but this time with big engines between their legs. You will, on average, see 3 bikes in the ditch each weekend up here. I think that explains what to expect right?

Supernatural Issues?

How do I explain this? This is subject to discretion, apparently this is sort of a hitman’s hotspot to finish their ‘jobs’ and therefore the route is plagued with haunting. Quite a few ‘inexplicable’ incidents have befallen various drivers who run this route at night which compels me to say, rather than to dispute, its best to take precautions. Try to avoid this route at night simply because its very remote and really dangerous. Should there be an emergency its going to be very difficult to find help.