Want to play for a day in an off road track?

Do you own a pickup truck, off roader but never tried driving it on the rough stuff? We often buy cars with a huge amount of off-roading toys, but have you ever tried to bring them to a place where you can really utilise the capabilities? 
Not using an off roader on non tarmac surfaces is like buying a packet of nasi lemak and discarding the egg, nuts and anchovies, sticking with the sambal and rice alone. You are not utilising all that you have paid for. 
Which is why Route Hunters Malaysia is providing the opportunity for you to try your vehicle in a safe and controlled environment. 

An off road playground 

The track is located in our Route Hunters Park, located just 1 hour 30 minutes away from klang valley, 5 mins outside the town of Kuala Kelawang. Nestled on top of a hill in the 5 acre property, this hideout is a retreat spot safe for the whole family. You have everything from camping, river trekking, archery, and ATV riding too. 
But the highlight is the off road track and trail. The track and beginners trail is safe for completely standard cars which has AWD (locking diff is a bonus). The off road track is an excellent way to learn the basics of off road driving, and allows you to test the toys your car may have. 
This includes hill descent control, low ratio gearbox, locking differential and for more high tech cars, off road driving modes. Its safe for showroom standard pickup trucks to travel on, and puts the least amount of stress on your vehicle for off road driving. 

The off road trail

The jungle trail is where you put everything you learned to good use. Imagine a jungle trek, but with your off roader. You travel in a loop across the entire grounds using your machine and the skills you learned in the basic track
The trail demands a little more than the track, as you will have to navigate mud slopes, and mud pools. Which can get a little overwhelming for novices on non AT tyres. 

Our Off Roading events

Just like our Route Hunters drive events, we will organise our off road driving events periodically for our Route Hunters Malaysia group members, which you can join by clicking here. If you wish to join these events, do become part of the community and stay tuned for the invites. Get to fully exploit your off road vehicles in a controlled environment before setting off on adventures of your own!