It is the 2nd best selling pickup truck, with the numbers steadily rising over the years. Here’s 5 things you need to know about the Mitsubishi Triton. 

5 year warranty with unlimited mileage 

The Mitsubishi Triton comes with a generous 5 year / unlimited mileage warranty for their automatic variants. Helpful when you’re hard at work covering those miles in your Triton. Plus their extensive nationwide dealer network

Powerful VGT engine

The Triton’s 2.4 liter engine comes with variable geometry turbine, the same tech you see in Porsche’s 911 sports cars. This allows the turbo boost to come in much faster. Together with Mistubishi’s MIVEC valve timing system, you get a total output of 181bhp and 450Nm from an engine this size. 

Super Select 4WD system

The Mitsubishi Triton uses viscous coupling centre diff in the 4H mode. That allows road driving in 4wd, which you don’t see in almost all of its rivals. Which helps with traction in rainy conditions and slippery roads. Only in 4HLc and 4LLc where the centre diff is mechanically locked for proper off road driving. 

Smallest turning radius - 5.9 meters 

The Triton’s party trick is its super tight turning radius of 5.9 meters. . Extremely handy when you have to manoeuvre a big truck like the Triton at tight spaces like construction sites, telco sites, loading docks and more. A very practical feature, for a very practical vehicle. 

Forward collision mitigation

The Triton comes with the Forward Collision Mitigation, which scans for vehicles and more importantly pedestrians ahead. If detected the driver receives both a visual and audio alert. If an imminent collision is detected, the system automatically applies brakes. Handy in avoiding on road collision or potentially saving a childs life. 
The Triton is a stand out pickup truck, and its no surprise more and more Malaysian’s are opting for it. Test drive one today by clicking the link here!