A road with the EXACT features of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Malaysia?

The legendary circuit in Germany, which was deemed too risky to race back in 1975 (for Formula 1 cars), is 20.8 km long and has an approximate height difference of 415m between the lowest point to the highest point. The Nurburgring is narrow by ‘circuit’ standards and has severe elevations. But it’s a blast to drive on. Would you be surprised if there’s a road in Perak that has an almost similar height difference and length, and just like the ‘Ring, it’s an absolute dream to drive on.

How do we find these roads?

That’s basically what we do at Route Hunters Malaysia. Since 2013, we have been documenting the best driving roads in Malaysia. The kind you see lovely performance cars driving across lush landscapes and lovely roads on shows like Top Gear, Grand Tour, or various cinematic shots online. 

We have roads like these?

Yes and more. Our countries geography is so unique that only 6% of the planets surface has such features. Making our landscape unique when compared to the rest of the world. Which is why you have roads that have the exact height difference and length of the ‘Ring while looking like a scene from Initial D, only this is an actual road you can drive to right now. 

The Episode Drive events.

In order to find this and more awesome roads scattered across the country, you must be adventurous enough to venture beyond the typical Ulu Yam and Genting roads. Sure they are great at a quick fix weekend drive. But sticking to only them is like paying for a 5 star hotels buffet and sticking with just the appetisers. 
Which is why we organise the Episode Drive events exclusively for our Route Hunters community members. Simply put, we explore the entire ‘buffet’ of the best driving roads in Malaysia with stops for places of interest and of course, the best of Malaysian food. 

Our next event, which will take place on the 7th of October is an overnight event. Because there’s going to be a whole lot of driving and you definitely would need to take a break before heading back home.

The Perak Overnight Drive event will explore driving roads across mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the Perak countryside will be an epic road trip across some spectacular sceneries. After the drive we conclude the day by putting up on the 3rd most sustainable city in the world, Taiping, for a barbecue dinner and other activities. 

Some of the best driving roads in the country will be in the next Episode Drive event. 

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For safety reasons, we cap every drive to a certain number of people. Since we travel to remote locations, this cap minimises risk and footprint wherever we go. Plus the drive is only open to our community members, which you can join by clicking here


We hope more Malaysians appreciate what’s in our own back yard, and spread the word. So we may be known as the nation with one of the best road trip experiences on the planet.