Celebrate Merdeka 2023 with two Malaysian made movies (Malbatt & Kalluri Rascals)

Malbatt: Misi Bakara

There are two locally made movies that are running on our screens right now and we feel as patriotic Malaysians we should watch them. The first one would be the retelling of what really took place during the ‘Black Hawk’ helicopter crash in Mogadishu, Somalia back in 1993. 
The movie 2001 movie Black Hawk Down took generous ‘creative liberties’ in retelling what actually took place during the incident. In actuality, it was our brave Malaysian troops that were on the ground on that mission. 
Just listen to the first 12 seconds of this trailer and you will understand how much of creative liberty Hollywood took in retelling an important historic event. Nearly 30 years later, we get to see the Malaysian side of the story in all its glory in the big screen. While I would not want to break the suspense on what happens during the mission, lets just say the Malaysian army does not understand fear, nor understand giving up. 

Kalluri Rascals 

The second movie is a tamil language production called Kalluri Rascals (College Rascals). From the trailer it feels like this could be a feel good ‘summer action’ kind of a flick with action and romance thrown in generously. 
But for us at Route Hunters, the catch was its initial sequences featuring well choreographed drifting sequences. Theres an R34, 180SX and even an RX3 featured during the trailer. It gave us the same vibe we felt while watching Dato Rosyam Nor’s KL Menjerit. They have also taken the effort to shoot the car sequences on roads that we love. Can you guess them from the trailer? 
Instead of funding some far away production house that’s not even slightly relevant to us, why not spend the Merdeka weekend checking out these two movies with extremely different flavours?