Automotive Three Way – Maserati vs Jaguar vs Mazda

As car guys and gals, we tend to always be enamored by the spec sheet, lap times and sheer raw performance of cars old and new. In most cases, many of us decide whether a car is worth our attention simply by looking up it’s technical data. But let’s not forget buying a car is much more than just driving it. It’s looks like many things in life matter in deciding whether you’d want to own it, lease it or even live with it. Today, we’re going to be talking about three very different cars, from different makes which share one thing in common.
They’re absolutely stunning to look at and have all won a coveted Car of the Year for design in the years of 2013, 2019 and 2021 respectively.

The Maserati MC20 - Italian perfection given form

The newest offering from Maserati, the MC 20 is a breath of fresh air in the Italian supercar space. Twin-combustion technology alongside the option for an all-wheel-drive battery-electric powertrain incoming as well, butterfly doors all packed into a kitted out 325 kmph package. With similarities and homages in it’s design from the likes of the GranTurismo,  trident shaped rear vents add to it’s pride and heritage which is truly the brands foray into the new age without ignoring their past.
We truly think this car is absolutely stunning, with a design that just begs for several looks on the move and stationary. We won’t get into the performance here as we’ve already covered that, but this is no slouch and can definitely poke holes with the best of Italy. We’re looking forward to seeing it on Malaysian shores as well. This car captures the essence of a supercar in both looks and performance which is good news for us who enjoy it. If cars continue to look this good on the cusp of electrification, it might sate most of us after all.
Bagging the coveted Best of the Best in the Red Dot Awards for Product Design of 2021, this goes to show that the Maserati MC20 isn’t just a breathtaking automobile, it’s a marvel of modern engineering design and we look forward to seeing this beautiful piece of art on Malaysian roads eventually.

The Jaguar F Type - The Jaggiest of the Jags

The F Type is no stranger to the game, being around for quite some time now. But there is something about the way it carries itself, the way it looks and the way it sounds (both the v6 and the v8) that just screams Villainy in the best way possible. Who can forget the amazing jaguar advertisement showcasing British actors in bad boy roles driving around in the best Jaguar has to offer.
The F Type, with it’s sleek and sharp headlamps, long menacing hood and beautiful classic coupe design is a car few people can call ugly with a straight face. It’s got performance to match as well and will keep many other players in the market at bay, but this car in our opinion is a straight up grand touring dream. Smooth, supercharged horses in it’s big v8 provides and audible scream which quite honestly doesn’t get old. There aren’t many on the Malaysian roads given Jaguar’s niche market but we reckon it’s the sports car of the man or woman who know what they want, and that is most certainly a Jag. 

Voted as the World Car of the year in 2013, spotting one of these undercover British Marques today is a swan-song to the classic combination of long hood, large engine, menacing looks and a silhouette that invokes desire from the common man to the hardened petrolhead. Definitely a timeless piece from Jaguar.

The Mazda 3 - Looks, Function and Pricing

The cheapest car you can buy among the 3 and something most people would not have expected. We feel the latest Mazda 3 is quite frankly the most beautiful car you can get brand new at it’s price range compared with pretty much any dealership in Malaysia. Looks after all are subjective, but I’ve not met many people who can not deny that overall, new Skyactiv Mazda’s are especially handsome looking machinese. With the latest Mazda 3, it seems to only be getting better.
Blackened Tail lamps with kinks, long hood with sleek headlamps really provides the car with an aggressive stance of a predator ready to pounce, which draws from it’s Jinba Ittai inspiration. This car of course comes in both a sedan and hatchback option. The hatchback is loaded with the more aggressive blackened bits and is one of those hatchbacks which look a lot faster than it actually is, but when you look that good on Malaysian roads, we reckon the one behind the wheel is one happy customer. The sedan is a little more grown up and looks more mature out of the showroom, but with a few bits and baubles from the lovely aftermarket scene, the possibilities are endless.
We hope future Mazda’s continue on this trend, because they make some of the best combustion engines around, while giving us superb handling cars with respectable power as well. Aside from the CBU pricing which is a bit of a stretch for most Malaysians, this is something one cannot ignore. With more Malaysian interest, we might see CKD models with even better kit down the line.
Being the cheapest has not prevented the Mazda 3 from winning the Best of the Best  Reddot award for 2019 with the tagline ‘The Essence of Simplicity’. We at Routehunters could not agree more. Spotting one of these on the road makes you marvel at the way metal can curve to form such a beautiful yet sensible car. You won’t be shattering the sound barrier with an Italian Trident, or roaring like a British Wildcat but this Japanese sexy, sensible and seductive hatchback/sedan will catch your attention almost every time.
Mazda seems to do no wrong right now in terms of innovation of the combustion engine and the design of their products with their pursuit of going upmarket yet duking it out with the best of Japan and the rest of the world. With things like a future inline six cylinder Skyactiv engine and a RWD platform chassis on the horizon.
We’re excited to say the least.
What do you guys think about these 3 cars? We decided to pick a representative from Italian, British and Japanese makes to showcase how styling and good looks are something which truly round off a brilliant automotive machine. Do you guys have any other suggestions for comparisons like this or are there other cars you think we should review as well?
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Written By : Joshua John

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