Mothers Day special from BOSCH: 4 gifts every enthusiast should get for Mommy dearest

Mothers day is here and roses and chocolates are going to be in short supply. But with the current MCO state, your gift options are going to be severely limited. How else can we gift our Mothers something special on their day, something that would be useful for her?
How about taking care of their cars? A poorly maintained car can perform poorly, causing discomfort in usage for our mothers. Worse, a poorly maintained car is a potential hazard.
Thankfully BOSCH Malaysia has come up with a special Mothers Day promotion to keep our Mothers car safe so they can have a pleasurable experience from behind the wheel. Here’s what they have;

BOSCH Aerotwin Wipers – for a clear road ahead

The recent downpours we have experienced is downright scary. Visibility drops drastically, making driving perilous. A clean and fresh wiper will allow maximum possible visibility in even the heaviest thunderstorms.

BOSCH Aeristo Premium cabin filter – breath easy

Which is a premium these days. We are required to wear a mask almost every time we come out to public spaces. The last refuge outside our homes where we wont need a mask is the car. The air in your car’s cabin is cleaned by the cabin filter. BOSCH’s Aeristo Premium cabin filter has anti-fungal, anti-allergen, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus properties. That means Moms car gets a fresh feeling each time she steps in. And it preserves the AC’s health system too.

Bosch Premium X7 5W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil – because a smooth engine is luxury

And the right engine oil will help preserve the engine for a long period of time. It will wear lesser, reducing vibration build up which will make the driving experience uncomfortable. BOSCH’s Premium X7 engine oil does precisely that.

Bosch C7 car battery charger Рno more flat batteries

Since we use our cars lesser in this MCO period, batteries can get drained out. Not anymore with BOSCH’s charger. Keep Mom’s car battery at its optimum level with this device, and she will never get caught off guard with a flat battery.

Check out this and other great deals on BOSCH Malaysia’s online stores on Shopee and Lazada. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!

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