2021 BMW 530i and 530e: What you need to know about the updated G30 version of BMW’s signature sedan!

Coming in locally assembled now, BMW Malaysia has released the all new BMW 5 series in 2 new variants. Namely the 530i petrol and the 530e hybrid. Knowing that the 5 series has been one of BMWs legendary executive cars since the legendary E12 that started production in 1972 right after the hippie era, it has paved it’s way through several generations with a massive track record among entrepreneurs and company directors. Today  we’ll go through the key things you’ll need to know about the all new 5 series.


When compared to the pre-facelifted G30, the facelift looks a bit more sharper with a hint of edges here especially in the headlamps as opposed to the curvy pre-facelift G30. You’ll notice that the kidney grille is larger this time but not as huge as the ones you’ll get on the new M3 and M4 models, though it has sparked quite a controversy, we believe that breaking the norm is the right step towards the future. The 530e M-Sport comes with the Adaptive LED Matrix headlights while the 530i M-Sport comes with the BMW Laserlight, however you’ll be pleased to know that both cars come with anti-glare selective high beam assistant with turning lights as well as the adaptive cornering function. 

Design language

They’ve also included the BMW individual Aluminium Satinated exterior line for the 530i while the 530e on the other hand comes with a BMW individual High Gloss shadow line frame. Both cars come with the same redesigned front and back bumpers with larger air intakes and the LED taillights with their signature L shape, that was first introduced in the E32 7 series has also been done in a way where lights integrates directly into the outermost layer to maximise the 3D effect, so that is exactly how much of attention BMW has put into detail.


BMW 530i M Sport Interior

When you take a step inside the new 5er, you’ll find that both cars come with sport seats for both the driver and the passenger complemented by the leather M-Sport steering wheel to constantly remind you of what you’re driving. You’d be happy to know that both cars are embellished with Aluminium Rhombicle as interior trim finishers in conjunction with Dakota leather upholstery and the BMW Individual anthracite headliner. Oh and not to forget now, the BMW 530i M-Sport has a bonus feature of an electrical glass roof, quite the treat for your passengers if you ask us.

Technology involved

BMW 530e M Sport

Both cars are equipped with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional that runs on the updated BMW OS 7. Sporting a 12.3 inch instrument cluster and a similarly large touchscreen control display so now, you literally have everything at your fingertips, and now BMWs Personal Intelligent Assistance, you can take your interactions between car and driver to a whole new world. In the 530i, you’ll get the Head-Up display, Gesture control, BMW display key and the Harman Kardon Surround system. Owners of the new 530i will also get to enjoy the active cruise control with the stop and go function. Do take note that those features are only available in the 530i, whereas in the 530e, you do get the BMW HiFi loudspeaker system as a standard, but not to worry now, both cars come equipped with all the comfort access features such as the seamless opening and closing of vehicle doors and the contactless tailgate operation, 4 zone air conditioning and mobile phone charging.

Engine and gearbox.

Fairly one of the most critical points of owning a BMW is related to its powerhouse! This time you have the options of choosing between the petrol and the hybrid. Both cars are powered by the monumental 2.0L inline 4 BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engines paired to the 8-speed steptronic gearbox.


Paired to the latest generation BMW eDrive electric motor in the 530e M-Sport. Both cars have different power outputs, the 530e M-Sport has a combined power output of 292bhp with 420nms of torque. Of course the additional 109 horsepowers come from the electric motor, so this will enable the 530e to hit 0-100 in 5.9 seconds, topping out at 235kp/h. That’s Civic Type R acceleration from a large sedan. Now paired with power like that, this car will also give you a fuel consumption figure of 2.3l/100km adding with a CO2 emission of 53g/km. Running on electric mode only, this car is capable of hitting a range of 67km and can still top out at 140kph. Technically you wouldn’t need to refuel the car for a round trip around Klang Valley on paper. We have yet to verify this in the real world.


As for the 530i, you get a total output of 252hp and 350nm of torque, which is lesser than the combined output of the 530e due to the lack of a hybrid battery pack and motors, but it’ll still hit 0-100 in 6.4 seconds and tops out at 250kph, which is about 15kph faster than the 530e. With all that power, this car still gives you a combined fuel consumption of 6.7l/100km with a CO2 emission of 154g/km. 

Safety features and assists.

You’ll be more confident now when you know both cars are equipped with the Dynamic Stability Control(DSC) which is complemented by the Dynamic Traction Control(DTC) as well as advanced braking features such as the Dynamic Brake Control(DBC) as well as the Antilock Braking System completed with the Brake Assist, and trust us when we say that such features are a definite necessity to keep you much safer, as a little more assistance goes a long way. There’s quite a unique safety feature in the 530e, where a specially made sound is emitted via the loudspeaker to alert pedestrians or cyclists that the vehicle is approaching, this feature is only activated when the car is in full electric mode and travelling at speeds of up to 30kp/h.

Brakes, rims, tyres and suspension system.

BMW 530e M Sport rims

The 530i and the 530e are not only completed with 19 inch M light alloy Y spoke Bi-colored Jet Black Wheels including mixed and runflat tyres, but it’s also equipped with M-Sport brakes painted in blue with the M designation on it, complemented by the adaptive suspension system. This way you’ll know that the M-Sport badge has been taken very seriously and it isn’t just some form of decoration!

BMW 530i M Sport rims

Pricing and conclusion.

Finally we have arrived at the most important point, the 530e M-Sport and the 530i M-Sport both have a difference of RM53000 as the 530e M-Sport costs RM343,000.00 whereas the 530i M-Sport costs RM396,000.00, so now it all boils down to your choice. Would you like the traditional I or would you want to opt for the e this time? If you ask us, both cars are definitely not cheap but they are what they are as you actually do get what you paid for. Both of them are definitely unique and formidable in their own ways so once again, the choice is yours. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below.

-Deva Hariharan Shanker 

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  1. Shanker Subramanian

    Lovely car to have. Powerful and luxurious and also a head turner in looks. Only wish that I was in Europe or US so that I can get this car at a much much cheaper price. Ridiculously priced in Malaysia.

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