2021 Suzuki Swift Sport – 8 highlights about the “Lone Wolf” of the entry hot hatch segment

Lets face it, there’s nothing else in the market brand new. With a full manufacturers warranty, or an aftersales department to hold accountable. This segment was thriving just 5-6 years ago, with the likes of Peugeot 208 GTi, Polo GTi, and the Fiesta ST. Which is why the Swift Sport’s entry in 2021 is something we truly welcome. But why should we pay attention and what do you get for your RM139,900? Lets find out here!

Its ridiculously light

Its lighter than the Iriz, Myvi, even a Saga! Only the Bezza undercuts it at 40kg. And this is not a small sized econobox, its almost similar in size to a Myvi. In fact its far lighter than its segment rulers like the Fiesta ST and 208 GTi by almost 100kg’s.

Suzuki’s sports chassis

And anything this light is going to be a total riot on our roads. Not the highways, but our countless miles of B roads that stretch across our country. The previous Swift Sport’s was a frequent in our Route Hunters drive events. If this car exhibits even a part of its predecessor’s handling trait, its going to be amazing on twisty roads.

Turbocharged for the first time

Out goes the octane sensitive NA 1.6 in favor of a turbocharged 1.4 liter engine. Referring to the 140 horsepower output alone will be misleading. Its the 230Nm that’s the key. The Honda Civic 1.5 TC puts out 10Nm lesser. And its 240kg’s heavier. Which means this Swift Sport is going to be a riot in low – mid speed turns.

Power to front wheels via a torque converter

The Swift Sport’s weight is even more incredible with the autobox option. It’s 6 speeds can be selected via Shift paddles in the back of the steering wheels and of course, the gearknob. While it would be sweet to have a manual gearbox in 2021, and we feel that the dealers should have offered the option at least. But lets face it, the comfort of having an automatic gearbox for the daily grind would be invaluable.

Aggressive Exterior

The Swift Sports come with distinct looking front and rear bumpers. The carbon trim on the front and back gives it a far more premium look. There are twin tailpipes at the back, and the 16 inch rims are two toned to add to the sporty feel. The rear tail lights comes out of the body, courtesy of the extended shoulders.

5 door hatch

The 5 doors further complements the usability of the Swift Sport, along with the autobox. However thanks to the hidden door handle, to the average person it would seem like its a 3 door hatch. The extra two doors are invaluable for daily usage, especially if you travel with friends and family.

Bucket seats upfront

The extra doors do not dilute the sporty atmosphere of the car. The cars come with bucket seats upfront. these are not heavily bolstered, but provide adequate support for even a 6ft 2, 115kg adult. It should be more than enough for the average Malaysian. The car also comes with a flat bottomed steering wheel and aluminium pedals.

Electronic’s galore

There’s a 7 inch touchscreen comes with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and Voice recognition. There’s a digital display in the instrument cluster which shows information like boost, gear position and G Meter. Good luck keeping track of the readout there. The car also comes with keyless entry.

The Swift Sport, on paper at least offers a wider appeal than its predecessor. It fills up the junior hatch segment which was vacated by the Volkswagen Polo GTi, Peugeot 208 GTi and the Fiesta ST. Granted those cars had far higher performances, which we witnessed in the hands of Karamjit Singh on Dato Sagor.

The Swift Sport however caters to a broader spectrum, and its performance should not be underestimated. We believe it’s going to be an absolute riot on our B roads. Until then, if you’re in the market for a hatch with Civic 1.5 Turbo embarrassing performance, this is the car for you. For more info visit https://suzukimalaysia.com/index

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