Another Top 5 moments of Karamjit Singh with Route Hunters Malaysia

By now even Millenials know who Karamjit Singh is. He’s far more than just a rally driver that was big in the 90’s and 2000’s. He broke countless records in the sport, both here and internationally. And he was the first Asian to be crowned by FIA as World Champion in motorsports!
Imagine able to witness a driver with that kind of talent and hearing the experiences first hand? Here are another top 5 moments we have had with Karamjit Singh, here at Route Hunters Malaysia

Iriz in Kuala Kelawang

This NA with a CVT gearbox Iriz is a competent city car, but in the hands of Karamjit Singh on Kuala Kelawang, it was something else. Even our camera crew, who were chatting with him, went silent while recording the onboard footage for this video on the downhill sections…..

Attacking Dato Sagor Circuit in a Porsche

If an Iriz can shut our crew up imagine what we saw in a Porsche 911? Especially in a controlled environment like the Dato Sagor circuit? We had never heard a Porsche flat six howl like that before.

Hot Hatch Attack on Track

We had a series of contents made at the Dato Sagor racetrack, and hot hatches were the main items of the day. Karamjit tore the track with these cars, especially with the ultra rare, and highly capable Peugeot 308 GTi. We are the ONLY media in Malaysia to track test it. Of course it had to be with Karamjit Singh!

Off-road attack with an X70

When you show a World Rally Champion a gravel track, there’s bound to be some action. That’s exactly what happened when we were given special permission to access the ground of the Selangor Fruits Valley with the Proton X70. We finally saw just how good and tough and SUV it was…..

“Honorable” mention

We were happy with the overwhelming support our Rally Superstar received late last year. Lots of media outlets were quick to mention him and gave him the much needed media attention we were trying hard to create. This interview by Astro Arena from 8th December 2020 is a standout though, as most of their insert clips of Karamjit in action were created by us. Thank you Astro for using the footage, but it would be nice if you mention where you got our footages from too…..


Only those closest to Karamjit knew these stories. Most of them knew these stories in parts. We were fortunate enough to document these into a series. And for the first time, we were able to publish it in all its glory online!

What are your favorite Karamjit Singh moments? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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