Porsche’s EV chargers at Shell Stations: How the future is happening today

We had proposed a couple of scenarios of how the motoring landscape will evolve in the future. There’s hope and there are some downright scary moments. But one things for sure is electrification is all over it.

Which is why Shell’s move of placing 6 EV charging stations between Penang, Malaysia and Singapore is a mark that the future is taking place now.

How many charging stations?

Each 6 Shell stations have 2 180kW Direct current chargers. Called CCS Type 2, they can charge a Taycan for zero to 80% capacity in 30 minutes, giving you a range of nearly 390 km.

That means if you set off from Singapore in your Taycan, you can make it safely all the way to Penang with two breaks in between. Surely you would stop for more than once over a 700km journey between Woodlands and Georgetown right?

Complemented by Porsche Service Centre’s

Who already have high performance chargers that can charge your Taycan at 175kW. These ones can get your Taycan fully charged in 36 minutes. And they are located in Johor Bharu, Ara Damansara, Sungai Besi, and Penang.

In the Future…..

There are plans to introduce more such infrastructure in 2022, with more such fast chargers set up in select hotels, airports, sports clubs and lifestyle venues.

The power of Penang

Either its the appeal of the aura of this little island state, or its irresistible food, its definitely paving the way for infrastructure development. For Porsche owners at least. This network will allow Taycan owners to safely and practically travel to Penang without hiccups. How effective is the setup though? Hopefully we get to test it soon too.

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