2021 BMW X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence: 10 Highlights on one of the biggest SAV’s on sale today in Malaysia

Its the ‘other’ big grille BMW, this time in the form of an SUV. There’s nothing subtle about the front, or the size of the actual car. But is there more than just size and shock value? There is, and here’s 10 of them.

It’s powered by the Supra Engine

This engine has already proven itself to be pretty strong. The internet is full of examples of this engine producing big power on stock internals. What it means to a luxury SAV owner? The engine is very robust and the 450Nm which comes in at 1500rpm is not going to over stress the engine. Just what you need for a 2 tonne 7 seat luxury vehicle.

Its the biggest SAV in the class

BMW calls the X7 a Sports Activity Vehicle, subtly reminding us this is more to style rather than out right utility. However it does not compromise in space. It is one of the biggest SAV on sale today, dwarfing the Mercedes Benz GLS400 Audi Q7 in width, length, and wheelbase.  Only the Range Rover and Range Rover Sports are wider than the X7 by 73mm. Despite the size, the X7 is actually 115kg’s lighter than the Mercedes.

Plenty of luggage space

A common issue with 7 seat cars is the lack of luggage space when all 7 seats are up. And that’s somewhat true with the X7 too. With all the seats up, you get a minimum of 325 liters. Which is not too bad. But that capacity can increase to a whooping 2120 liters with all the seats down.

Spacious 3rd row

Which leads to a very spacious cabin. In fact the 3rd row fits yours truly, who stands at 6ft 2 inches and 115kg. Accessing the rear seats is pretty easy, since everything is electronic. And you dont have to worry about damaging the rear entertainment screens behind the front seats. The one touch button action pulls the front seat forward and away from the 2nd row’s reclining before allowing you access to the 3rd row.

With full control of 2nd row seats

Once you’re in the 3rd row its not a bad place to be. The 3rd row seats offer lots of space, bolstering, support and even cup holders. But the icing here is the ability to control the 2nd row from the back. You can adjust to ensure you have sufficient legroom at the back. Or sufficiently irritate the mid row occupants.

5 zone climate control

The cabin climate control can be customized in 5 different zones. With a cabin this big, you can literally create your own localized climate. And this climate control system does just that. That’s luxury.

16 speaker audio system

With the high quality leather, loads of space, and localized climate in the cabin, you are treated with a 16 speaker premium audio system. Developed for BMW by Harmon Kardon, the X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence also gets twin rear entertainment screens to keep the rear passengers occupied. Adding to this there’s also a big panoramic roof running across the roof of the car.

Camera-alerted active suspension tech

For a 2 tonne SAV with over 5 meters of length, control is not desirable, its essential. More so being a BMW. This is where the Dynamic Damper Control system comes in. The system will use GPS and a front camera to pre-empt the suspension system on the upcoming road surface, to ensure you get the best ride possible. Even the anti roll bars are active and can adjust accordingly.

BMW Laserlights

Ensuring that camera does not want for info, this SAV comes with BMW’s Laserlight headlamps. Aside from LED foglams and auto headlamps, the Laserlight system is able to illuminate 600 meters ahead of you. That’s over half a kilometer infront of a dark road. We would love to test it out on our pitch black Felda roads in the dead of night.

An army of driving aids

Aiding the excellent lighting and the technological tour de force chassis is the army of driving aids. You gotta really take your time to go through this one. We would need to dedicate an entire video on how these different system works. You have everything from Active cruise control with Stop and Go function, lane departure warning, and the car can park itself and reverse out on its own, even retrace your last parking maneuver to help get you out. Precisely what you need with such a big vehicle.

The X7 is a high tech luxury cruiser that happens to carry 7 full sized adults and their weekend luggage. On our first impression, its really impressed us. Especially since this much of car is yours for an estimated RMRM 708,000.00. For the price you get a 5 year / Unlimited mileage warranty, with scheduled free servicing, BMW roadside assistance, Online service and more. You can find out the full details via this link.

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