2021 Proton Exora Black Edition – The overlooked Proton that’s pretty amazing

How many of us still remember Proton has an MPV? Malaysian’s love SUV’s and in the tsunami of small and medium sized SUV’s that were launched last year in the country, the Exora kinda faded away into the background.

What’s great about the Exora?

Alot of things. Its a 7 seat MPV with bigger dimensions than the Aruz and at half the price of the flagship Innova. It’s also got a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine instead of the wheezy naturally aspirated engines in the other two.

It received an update in 2019, which saw it getting the infotainment system as the Proton Iriz and Persona, and styling features that bring it close to the X70’s design language.

And the Black Edition does?

On top of the 2019 revisions, the Black Edition gives the Exora a couple of exterior and interior revisions. Its now offered in an amazing Black-and-Gold combination. There are gold accents running from the bumper, to the sides and the back. Even the alloys get gold accents. Almost like the Vellfire GoldenEye edition cars. Only with more gold.

Only Aesthetics?

The interior gets leatherette seats, while the back passengers get an overhead mounted screen. That should keep the rear occupants occupied during your next road trip.

Over that, you have a comprehensive, touchscreen infotainment system with voice command, on board WiFi, a comprehensive active and passive safety system including ESC and N95 cabin filter. However it only has 2 airbags. And no ISOFIX mounts. You do get six 3-point seatbelts though.

Should you buy one?

Maybe not for those who require ISOFIX mounts. But for those who are looking to carry 7 people with the biggest comfort to Ringgit ratio. At RM69,800 for the Black Edition, it’s cheaper than the Aruz, and half the price of the Innova. It’s got far more power thanks to the turbocharged engine. And since its not using a ladder frame chassis like the other two, you are going to feel way more comfortable.

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