2021 BMW 430i Coupe M Sports: We finally get to see it, and here’s what we think

We had already covered the BMW 430i Coupe M Sport in January. Even then we explicitly mentioned that the 4 series will be a striking looker, and we could not wait to see it in the real world. We finally have, and here’s what we think of it.

The front end works

The front end design works. There’s a nice balance between the lines that come in from the top, with lines that rise from the bottom. The grille itself is slanted to give a sharp silhouette. Its not the blunt pig nose front end everyone portrayed it to be.

Why was everyone upset about it then?

Its because most of us were viewing it via 2D mediums like pictures and videos. This is a complex 3D shape. Hence the rest of the details were lost in the process. Which is why most could not appreciate the styling details.

Is it really that significant?

You know when you drive on GranTurismo, and you select the Nurburgring Nordschleife as the circuit of choice? The first downhill left-hander will seem like a gentle slope. Its not, its a mad drop with bumps that sweeps right and ends at a set of chicanes. It feels like its a slope because you have never seen the track in the real world.

Likewise once you see the 430i in the real world, you will appreciate the 3D details. Our advise to appreciate its styling, view it in the real world, and judge it from there. And then you can decide if it really looks good or not.

Is it a good buy?

Its 340i pricing for a 4 cylinder coupe. Which is steep, considering the former is literally a 4WD, 4 door Supra. Having said that, it succeeds as a styling exercise, with its striking styling, and strong tech.

Like the 2 series GranCoupe, this too could see good traction. Because we Malaysians find it hard to resist flamboyant design. The BMW 430i Coupe M Sport is yours from RM 454,800. For more info visit https://www.bmw.com.my/en/all-models/4-series/coupe/2020/bmw-4-series-coupe-highlights.html

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