Greetings esteemed partners

Previously I, Ernest Scott Chin, Founder and Managing Editor of both and Allcarschannel mentioned that we are in the midst of some exciting development for both brands.

The automotive and motorsports scene has drastically evolved in the past 5 years. New platforms and content formats are emerging to cater to insatiable, info hungry fans of the brands. In the 14 years we have been operational, we have seen how the landscape has changed in this space, and we have constantly evolved to keep up with the times and changing trends.

Technology has also radically altered the way we create and present information from you, our valued partners to our fan base. This demands us to be on a continuous learning path, to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. In order to stay relevant and active, we need to invest in future proofing ourselves today, to ensure we sustain ourselves tomorrow.

Taking this into consideration, we felt that we needed a paradigm shift in the way both Allcarschannel and are administered and supported. Therefore, after careful consideration, we have decided that the only way to achieve this is to partner up with the right team.

The partnership should be symbiotic, with both parties leveraging on the combined strength of each other. It should be a learning experience, with ever expansive ventures that pushes both parties beyond our comfort zones, to reinvent ourselves periodically. We want a partnership that guides us well into the 3rd decade of the 21st century.

With this in mind, it’s finally time for me to announce our partnership with a dynamic and pioneering brand, marking the biggest change in our 14 year history. Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted and proud to announce that Allcarschannel and are now partnered with Route Hunters Malaysia.

Route Hunters Malaysia is the only organization in Malaysia that documents the best driving roads in the country. Their team which consist mostly of engineers bring a very technical analysis on motoring and motorsports, delivering them in a package that is easily consumed by even the least tech savvy audience.

Operational since 2017, Route Hunters Malaysia has grown significantly; carving out their niche in the industry with hard hitting contents that have put them in the minds and hearts of countless enthusiasts worldwide.

We at Allcarschannel and are excited to lend our expertise and experiences we have gained over the years to the dynamic team at Route Hunters Malaysia. We are excited to leverage on the creative and ingenious methodology the young team at Route Hunters Malaysia employs at bringing new media contents. All 3 brands will be governed under a singular parent company, Moga SV Sdn Bhd.

Once again we wish everyone well, stay safe and stay healthy. And we look forward to a more exciting 2021 and continue successful ventures with our esteemed clients and partners.

With warmest regards, 

Ernest Chin

Founder, Managing Editor,


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