2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge T5 – The ultimate urban runabout SUV?

Volvo’s  baby SUV, the XC40 now comes in a new variant for the Malaysian market, called the Recharge T5.Its optimized for urban commutes and in-city efficiency, while being kinder on the planet. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Theres a 3 cylinder engine

Replacing the regular T5’s 2.0 turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, is a 3 cylinder 1.5 liter turbo engine. The Petrol engine delivers its max rpm at 300rpms lower than the 2.0 engine

With an Electric motor

That 1.5 liter engine is assisted by an electric motor. The motor sits between the petrol engine and the gearbox, and power is set to only the front wheels.

More torque than an A35 AMG

This eco, planet friendly setup puts out more torque than the A35 AMG performance hatch. Together they put out 262bhp and 425Nm, that’s 25Nm more than an AMG variant car.

Via a DCT Gearbox

Unlike the 2.0 T5’s 8 speed torque converter gearbox, the current car comes with a dual clutch gearbox. Its got 7 forward gears this time and a wet clutch system.  As mentioned before, its power to the front wheels only.

And lesser consumption than the Bezza

The combination of a high torque powertrain and a cut size 1.5 liter engine driving only the front wheels is amazing consumption. Volvo claims a consumption of 2.2 liters / 100km,  or 45km / liter.

That means this car will only cost you RM4.50 in fuel for a drive between SS3 Petaling Jaya to KLIA and back. It remains to see how effective it is in the real world.

With 5 driving modes

The Recharge T5 comes with multiple driving modes. This includes Hybrid, Pure, Power, Off-Road and Individual. Hybrid and Power are pretty self-explanatory.

Pure means it will run on full EV mode, while Off-Road will help meter the power when you’re driving on loose surface. Individual allows you to tailor your own setting.

Loaded with Safety Features

The XC40 comes loaded with a comprehensive list of automated driving assistance. It will help you stay on your lane, keep the car on the road, brake when there’s cross traffic infront of you, and of course Emergency Brake Assist.

It will take real effort to get into a fender bender with this car. We will bring you a full breakdown of their safety system once we review this variant.

Finished in R-Design bits

The exterior and interior of the XC40 Recharge T5 is finished in R Design bits. They range from the blacked out front grille, glossy roof rail finish, solid black roof top, and 19 inch rims.

On the inside, the R Design dash inlays continue, with a choice of interior trims and front thread plates which read “Recharge”

An additional premium over the regular XC40

With the exemption of After Sales tax, you can get one of these for RM241, 468. Otherwise it retails at RM255,468 with sales tax, which is about RM10,000 more expensive than the regular XC40 T5.

The ultra-efficient XC40 Recharge T5 features a whole lot of tech that on paper makes it an excellent urban commute. Its going to be super efficient in urban areas, and the high riding position will make it a comfortable experience too. Not to mention the number of safety systems.
What are your thoughts on the XC40 T5? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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