Proton’s 4 new Next Generation R3 and Black Editon vehicles unveiled!

Proton has unveiled 4 new special editions for its existing vehicle range. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Black Edition Cars

The Persona and Exora receives the Black Edition makeover, which is designed to make the car stylish and luxurious. On the outside, there gold accents over a black only body color.

On the inside the seats are trimmed in black leatherette and the gold accents continues. The Exora even gets an overhead monitor as standard. In fact the Exora looks like the affordable version of the Alphard Goldeneye Edition.

The R3 versions

The Iriz and the Saga receives the sporty R3 treatment. The cars receives the same exterior paint scheme as the R3 racing cars. The Iriz receives a 16 inch alloy upgrade while the Saga’s shod with 15 inch R3 rims, finished in matte grey. They also sport the numbers of the actual race cars from 2019 on the front door panels, which is a nice touch.

On the Inside the black and yellow theme continues with the seats, dash trims, and carpets. Sadly there are no performance upgrades asides from the rims though, its all aesthetic based only.


All 4 special edition variants are sold in Limited numbers, and are priced as the following.

We applaud the effort put in by Proton to jazz up the existing models, offering the Malaysian market something unique that will surely appreciate in time to come. Look at how many people who rave about the Proton Knight and the C99 Wira after all these years.

Our personal favorite off these two editions have to be the Persona and the Saga. Especially the rim design on the Saga is on point. What are your thoughts about these cars? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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