2020 Mercedes Benz C200 AMG Line: 6 Highlights on the sportiest entry level C-Class

Mercedes Benz C class is the best selling Mercedes Benz in the market, with nearly 20,000 units sold since its debut in 2014. Mercedes Benz always tries to stay fresh on the showroom floor with updates and different iterations offered throughout this period to cope with customer demands. The C200 now in AMG Line trim has received the same treatment, and here’s 6 highlights on it. 

1. Its a new 2.0 liter engine

Which replaces the outgoing 1.5 liter engine with the 48V hybrid system. The new engine promises to be more powerful, responsive and easier to maintain. Peak torque of 300Nm comes in at 1600rpm, while peak horsepower of 204bhp comes in at 5800rpm. 

2. which bumps up the performance

Although on paper figures suggest that the 2.0 engine, mated to the 9G-Tronic gearbox as before, gives a marginal improvement in 0-100kph time (7.1 seconds instead of 7.7 seconds), the real world impact will be far more significant. The torque arrives much earlier than before and the added horsepower figure will aid top end shove of the C200. 

3. New 18 inch Alloys

With great power comes greater contact patch requirements. The 5 spoke 18 inch alloys uses 225/45/18 tyres up front and 245/40/18 inch tyres in the back. The new wheels gives it a passing resemblance to the beefier C43 AMG model, therefore gives this car a more butch appearance. Are you a fan of this design? Let us know in the comments! 

4. an AMG Bodykit

Keeping with the aggressive wheels is the C300-like bodykit, with bigger front airdams, lip spoiler, sideskirts and rear bumper. We love the added aggression, but it still remains discreet. Very classy. 

5. Loaded with safety features. 

Its got Active Brake Assist which is an autonomous braking system which can deploy from 250kph for moving hazards and 70kph for stationary hazards. On top of that, it will further deploy the brakes to ensure you you have sufficient brake pressure if it senses immanent collision. The Pre Safe system on the other hand sets your seats to the safest position, winds up your sunroof, windows and even locks your doors if the car senses that you’re about to crash. Its also got airbags for your knees. 

6. So much connectivity

Mercedes Benz has upped its connectivity game with this one. With the Mercedes me connect app, you can perform multiple functions via your phone.  You can remote starting your vehicle, to cool the cabin, check your fuel level, monitor your cars location and even speed if you were to hand the car over to someone else. On top of that, you can even get emergency assistance with the touch of a button via this function. 

For the RM251,587.39 this car commands, the 2020 C200 AMG Line is a competitive piece of kit. It’s slightly pricier than the new G20 BMW 320i Sport, which is based on a newer platform. Thanks to the amount of kit thrown in, it does make it a compelling case. Would you opt for the C class or the 3 series at this bracket? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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