2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupe M Sport: 10 Highlights on this Panamera rivaling 4 door coupe

BMW 8 series Coupe launch event

The BMW 8 series was launched with much fanfare back in 2019, and it was a big moment for the brand. The 8 series was more than just a coupe from BMW, it was an icon that defined a generation. So of course the new one was going to split opinions. However what you cannot deny is that its an extremely well engineered coupe with top tier technology from BMW. But can it still be considered a coupe with 4 doors? We detail the BMW 840i Gran Coupe with 10 highlights about this Porsche Panamera rival while comparing it with the latter. 

1. 8 series with 4 doors

As mentioned earlier its an 8 Series, which means its achingly beautiful and striking to look at. Which could be the same with the 8 Gran Coupe too. We say could because we haven’t actually seen the car in person, due to the MCO. It has the same design details like the headlamps, tail lamps and the rear end design as the coupe. The extra 4 doors does not diminish its presence. Certainly its more coupe-like when compared to the Panamera. Does the exterior work for you? Is it the better looking car when compared to the Panamera? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

2. Sleeker yet spacious on the measuring tape

Which is why its able to retain the Coupe like profile. The 840 GC is lower compared to the Panamera, while being just as wider and longer. One plus side is the wheelbase is significantly longer than the Panamera. 3023mm in fact. The 2020 Honda Accord has a wheelbase of 2830mm. The 840 GC, a 4 door coupe, is 73mm longer between the wheels. That gives it a more ‘low slung’ look, like the Aston Martin Rapide, compared to other 4 door coupe’s. Not to mention a generous footprint on the road

3. Generous performance from the Supra engine

Which is handy when you have almost M5 level’s of torque coming from the engine. The turbocharged inline-6 3.0 liter engine puts out 340bhp and 500Nm, which is only  20Nm down from the 5.0 liter V10 engine from the E60 M5. No surprise there since its almost the same unit you find in the current Supra. The Panamera, which also has a turbocharged 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine has to make do with 10bhp and 50Nm lesser. With that much of torque sent through the rear wheels via an 8 speed gearbox, you can hit 100kph in 5.2 seconds. 

4. M Sport suspension and rolling gear

All that torque is sent through the rear wheels via 275/30/20 inch tyres at the rear. Which is the same size as the tyres of the Jaguar F Type R, a car with 680Nm of torque.  Up front guiding this 1800kg car is 245/35/20 inch tyres. Which happens to be 10mm narrower than the E90 320d M Sport’s rear wheels. And that’s a car meant to deal with 380Nm of torque. Those massive tyres are pressed to the road via adaptive M Sport dampers. But the real icing of the cake is the rear wheel steering system called Integral Active Steering. This gives the 840i uncanny agility at low speeds and outstanding stability at high speeds. 

5. M Sport Differential 

Its actually an electronically controlled Limited Slip Differential, programmed to work with the M Sport suspension. To make sure none of that 500Nm is wasted away as tyre smoke, this differential which handles the final power transfer from the gearbox to the wheels shuffle power between the right and left wheel to make sure you get full forward traction. Much like you would in a Porsche 911 with PTV option ticked on

6. Carbon Core chassis

All that power, suspension and differential is contained together by BMW’s Carbon Core’s technology. The 840i’s body is constructed with both aluminium and carbon fibre to make it extremely stiff, yet relatively light. Which is why the 840i Gran Coupe is 90kg lighter than the Panamera, despite being longer than it. Also the added stiffness allows the chassis to be responsive on our B roads, allowing the rest of the handling package to perform at its best. 

7. Next generation connectivity

This is where the BMW 840i Gran Coupe really shines. Its connectivity tech is second to none, at any price range. BMW’s industry leading Live Cockpit Professional with its Operating System 7.0 allows you to access countless functions that integrates your car, mobile phone and its function, through a cloud based system. What it means in normal speak is your car is essentially is like a “smart home” on wheels. From your appointments, the Concierge service, to the upkeep of the car, everything is monitored by BMW itself. It may look daunting at first with its 12.3 inch instrument cluster and 10.25 inch touchscreen. But once you get a hang of it, you’re going to feel like everything else being sub par. 

8. Helping you on and Off the road

Which is where the tech fest gets into its second stride. As far as driving aid goes, the 840i Gran Coupe gets lane keep assist, active cruise control, narrow passage support, emergency brake assist and even a 3D view of the car during parking manouvers. All this and more features are available under the BMW Personal Co Pilot and BMW Parking Assistant Plus packages. Which is handy too considering its dramatic proportions. And in case you do get into any unforseen traffic incidents, BMW’s Connected Package Professional will have rescue rushing to you at the touch of a button. And it comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto too, just in case. 

9. While you bask in your favorite tunes

A good sound system is the cornerstone for a premium experience from behind the wheel. And this is where the BMW 840i Gran Coupe hits it hard. It comes with 2 subwoofers, 7 mid range drives and twitters and comes with a Logic 7 surround sound system. On paper the system sounds promising. However it remains to be seen if it would be as good as the premium sound systems from Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins or even Meridian. 

10. Heavy Backup

The BMW 840i Gran Coupe comes with a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty. It also comes with a 5 year free service maintenance program. There’s also a 2 year / 24 month Tyre warranty program for those massive 20 inch rims, along with BMW Roadside assistance and Accident Hotline.  The biggest edge the 840i Gran Coupe has over the rest of its luxo-GT rivals is at the end of the day its a BMW, therefore it will benefit from the extensive dealer network, nationwide. 

The BMW 840i Gran Coupe is an ideal package based on a very strikingly designed coupe. The Coupe is already an engineering tour de force. Adding two extra doors and full sized seats makes it a whole lot more versatile. Its got generous amount of power for our roads, its loaded with the latest in cutting edge tech in the dash and under the skin. Plus the backup provided by the dealer network means you can enjoy this boarder line exotic in peace.

It remains to be seen how the M Sport tech and toys will actually help the 8 series Gran Coupe behave on the road, and how does its powertrain deliver in the real world. And how well does it function as a 4 seater. But as for now, we feel that for the branding and specs, it almost justifies the RM968,800 price tag. Granted its almost RM78,000 or roughly 8% more expensive than the Panamera 3.0.

Having said that, the price here comes with all the bells and whistles mentioned. Do you think the 840i Gran Coupe would be the 4 door coupe to go for? Are there others you’d opt for at this price range? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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