2020 Mercedes Benz GLC – 6 highlights on the latest SUV to hit the Malaysian market

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has finally launched its new GLC range SUVs, and we can say that they’ve given it quite a rework. By that we mean not only from the cosmetic side, but also from the trim levels, features and packages available:Here are the 6 reasons why the new Mercedes GLC200 and GLC300 4Matic is a step ahead compared to its predecessors.

1. Higher power outputs.

The new GLC200 and GLC300 4Matic comes with higher power outputs when compared to its predecessors. The previous GLC200 made 184bhp and 300nms while the new GLC200 makes 13 more bhp and 20 more nms. As for the GLC250 4Matic, it made 211bhp and 350nms while the new GLC300 4Matic makes an extra 47bhp and 20nms as well. The GLC200 makes the century sprint in 7.8 seconds now, and the GLC300 4Matic does it in 6.2 seconds, which is 0.6 faster than the Jaguar F Pace 2.0 prestige.

2. Extra Ground Clearence

The Mercedes GLC200 sports a suspension with higher ground clearance and also has a feature where the damping is controlled individually for each wheel depending on the situation. The GLC300 however comes with an AGILITY control damping system that combines ride comfort alongside a high level of stability during high speed driving. 

3. New cosmetics on the inside and outside.

The GLC200 comes with a robust look now due to its new striking details and chrome elements, this gives the car an offroader feel as opposed to the GLC300 4Matic which comes with a night package based on the AMG Line that gives the car a very sporty look. Inside the GLC200/GLC300 4 Matic, you’ll notice that they come equipped with exclusive and AMG line packages, you’ll get the “Mercedes-benz” wording illuminated in each and every entrances of the door in both SUVs. You also get Artico leather upholstery in both SUVs. 

4. MBUX/Me Connect.

Both SUVs come with the MBUX(Mercedes-benz user experience) feature now, the previous models however didn’t come with equipped the MBUX. The GLC300 AMG Line Coupe on the other hand, does not only come with MBUX, but it also comes with the Mercedes Me Connect, which brings your level of control over the car to a whole new level. You can choose to either use the touch control buttons or use the voice output to get your commands done by using the Me Connect system.

5. Pre-Safe system.

This feature is available for all ranges of Mercedes-Benz vehicles now, and it’s definitely a necessity. The system works in a way where it gets the passengers ready to face a collision, so it protects them by tightening the front seatbelts and adjusting the front head restraints and also closing all the windows and sunroof. 

6. Mercedes financing program.

The Mercedes GLC agility plan starts from RM3688 per month and includes comprehensive motor insurance for the first year of ownership. However, this plan is fully customizable depending on the types of packages that are offered. All you need to do is to just select a package that suits you best, and you could leave the rest to Mercedes-benz Malaysia to handle it for you.


Given the whole new reworking done on the GLC range SUVs, it starts from RM299,888.00 to RM350,000.00(estimated). So what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.

By-Deva Hariharan Shanker.

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