2019 Mini Clubman – 8 reasons why this is the most interesting hatch on sale in Malaysia

The Mini Clubman has now received an update for 2019 and it was premiered to the Malaysian market on the 7th of November this year. At RM298,888 its priced above its nearest rivals, like the Audi Q2 / Q3, and the Mercedes B200 and A250 AMG Line. We however found 8 reasons why this hot hatch is simply amazing and it does put up a compelling argument on opting for it. 

1. Its the only 6 door hatch in Malaysia

Unlike other hatches in Malaysia, the tailgate of the Clubman splits open in two ways. Its also motorized too, so you dont have to move to both end of the car to flip it open. The doors themselves have a retro chrome handle bar on the outside. 

2. Union Jacks everywhere

Its got the Union Jack theme going on pretty much every part of the car, from the dash insert, to the headrests, on the buttons on the side of the seat and even the wheel hubs. Our favorite two themes are on the tail lamps and the rims. 

3. Indian Summer Red

The Indian Summer Red is the right mix of scarlet, tangerine and pink, giving in a vivid tropical sunset glow. The Clubman may be offered It has to be one of the unique colors on offer in Malaysia, regardless of brand. 

4. Its double clutched

The Clubman, just like the Cooper, now sports a 7 speed double clutch gearbox. We have tried this gearbox in the Cooper S and its perfectly suited to the 2.0 turbocharged engine’s torque band. This engine and gearbox combo should be able to return good consumption figures too. 

5. Its lightweight

We are confident about the possible consumption figures due to the low down torque, its optimization and the relatively light kerbweight of the Clubman. Thanks to its relatively compact size, and choice of materials, you’re not going to carry loads of weight around. 

6. Yet Spacious

Which means you can offset it by loading a whole lot of cargo into the clubman. With the seats up you have a luggage space of 360 liters, which is 10 liters down from the A250 AMG Line, and only 20 liters down from the Mk7.5 Golf. But with the rear seats down, you can haul a total of 1250 liters, that’s more than twice the cargo space available in a Honda CR-V

7. Mini Connected 

The Clubman has an onboard sim which allows you to enjoy the Mini Connected app. Under this you enjoy Mini’s take on the Concierge Service, Intelligent Emergency Call, and Mini Tele Service. Essentailly you can ask your car, just like Siri anything you want, and it will provide you with an answer. The only difference is, there’s an actual human being talking to you, 24/7. 

8. Your Clubman is covered

The best thing about the Clubman is that not only does it come with a 4 year, unlimited mileage warranty, it also comes with a 4 year, 60,000km free service package too, which otherwise will cost about RM700 – RM2000 per service interval. On top of that, there’s a 5 year roadside assistance too. The roadside assistance provides you with a 24 hour, 365 days a year coverage for a list of services, including free towing (200km from residence) and replacement vehicle / mobility solutions 

We have barely scratched the surface on the number of toys the Mini Clubman comes with, not to mention how much of a diva you are going to look like to be seen in a car like this. Mini Malaysia makes a compelling case with the packaging of this car. But is it truly justified? This we can only tell after a comprehensive test drive. What are your thoughts on the Clubman? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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