2019 BMW X5: The iconic SUV is now an SAV, here’s how they did it.

The all new BMW X5 is finally here and it is totally different when compared to its predecessor. BMW has taken away the term SUV while declaring it to be an “SAV” which means sports activity vehicle. So here’s what makes the new X5 different.

Exterior Design 

When compared to its predecessor, the new X5 has grown by 36mm to 4922mm and in width, it has grown by 66mm to 2004mm. A wheelbase that has been increased by 42mm and measures up to 2975mm and of course a higher roof line by 19mm that now measures up to 1745mm. Moving to the boot space that has increased from between 650 liters to 1870 liters. Now when we look at the more cosmetic side of the X5, it has been redesigned in such a way where it has a more aggressive appearance with its new bonnet that makes it shorter and sleeker than before. Adding on, a large sized kidney grille that bears the signature of every BMW. The updated LED Adaptive headlights are designed in such a way where it wraps into the front wings of the vehicle making it more streamlined. Furthermore it now has a new 20 inch alloy wheel with M-Sport brakes. When we move to the rear, we can see that there’s a new 3D LED taillight adding along rectangular shaped tailpipes to compliment it.


When we take a step inside the BMW X5, we are welcomed with Vernasca Leather Upholstery and ambient lighting complete with the welcome carpet. Also, we get an M leather steering wheel with M stainless steel paddle shifters, this definitely shows that the bespoke level in this car is up to very high standards. Not to forget how this car comes with M stainless steel pedals as well. Furthermore the interior trim of the X5 is rather different this time as it comes with an electroplated finishing that gives off that futuristic vibe. Moving to the tech side of things we get a better 12.3 inch infotainment with BMW Connected Drive that has a touchscreen function and an advanced user interface. In addition, we also get a new heads up display with an improvement of a much larger display area so that all information can be viewed more comfortably. Not to forget the new safety features added such as the BMW personal CoPilot which is an active cruise control system that has a steering intervention system with lane departure warnings and frontal collision warnings that will aid the driver safely. Furthermore, there is also a reverse assist that has proven to be of great assistance when you need to park a car as big as the X5, in tight spaces.

Engine, gearbox and suspension.

BMW has given us a new 3.0L straight 6 that churns out 340bhp and 450Nm of torque. All of this power makes something as the big as the X5, hit the century sprint in 5.5 seconds while doing 243km/h flat out. Despite pushing out such figures, the X5 still has a combined fuel efficiency of 9.2l/100km which is considered to be very efficient when such power is taken into consideration. On the other hand, we get a new and improved 8 speed steptronic gearbox with enhanced shift dynamics. All the power is delivered to all 4 wheels through BMWs signature Xdrive system. And of course this car has way better road handling when compared to its predecessor as it comes with a new five-link rear suspension at the back, a double wishbone at the front and they’re equipped with the adaptive M suspension which gives you a more responsive feel.


So overall, we can definitely see why BMW has given the term SAV, and we have to say job well done indeed for the number of upgrades that has been put is very clear. So what do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
-Deva Hariharan Shanker.

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