SISMA Auto’s new partnership with VOLVO CARS


SISMA Auto is synonymous with the Jaguar brand since the mid 90’s in Malaysia. For almost 20 years, they were the sole distributors of the marque in Malaysia. Their customer list reads more like the list of the richest and most powerful Malaysians. Over the years they have brought in three generations of Jaguar XJ’s, the XF, and the Project 7 to Malaysia. With such a pedigree, SISMA is no stranger to the world of high end motoring.

What had changed?

About 3 years back SISMA added the Land Rover brand to their name, which was inevitable since the merger of the two brands worldwide. However, SISMA’s added yet another name to their portfolio, with Volvo. We attended the launch of their first Volvo showroom in Bukit Bintang on the 23rd of Novemer, 2017.

Why Volvo?

Volvo has had a minor revolution of its own in the past few years. The current crops of Volvo cars are really setting the standards in hybrid technology and creature comfort, with a Tesla-esque touch screen and high output from small displacement engines. Clearly they have released a whole line of game changers with their current line-up, making them hugely desirable to be in a motoring dealers portfolio. Just look at the frenzy the newly launched XC60 has created.

What to expect?

Unlike the existing Volvo dealers, SISMA has only just entered the party. It’s the only existing dealer coming from outside the Volvo brand, that has this much of experience in the high end side of the luxury motoring market. It’s already apparent with the location of their showroom in the affluent part of Bukit Bintang and their signature Concierge Service. This allows customers to have their vehicles picked up from either their home or workplace to the service centre, and dropped back once the work has been completed.

What remains to be seen is how SISMA’s aftersales team will handle the increased traffic. Volvo will be a fresh start for the team at SISMA. Having said that, their 3S centre has been set up to handle Range Rover’s and Jaguar’s. These are cars that are not stingy with the number of high-tech toys in them.

All in all, Volvo fans and owners can rejoice, with one more dealership catering to the marque, it can only lead to better ownership experience.

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