Route Hunters Marques: Cadillac CTS

Cadillac is a name that’s more familiar to Malaysians as a rap lyric rather than a motoring brand. Why would it be, when was the last time you saw a Caddie on Malaysian roads? Or even recognize a Caddy if you were to see one? So imagine how surprised I was when the owner of this beast tells me that he’d like to feature the only RHD Cadillac CTS in Malaysia on Route Hunters.

The origin of the CTS

The CTS is not your run in the mill Cadillac. It was part of the grand design renaissance that Cadillac underwent in 1999 with the Evoq (not to be confused with the Range Rover Evoque) concept. This chiselled jaw look became the trademark of all Caddy designs since.  The CTS was most famously featured in both Bad Boys 2 and The Matrix Reloaded. In the Matrix the CTS was featured in the elaborate ‘highway’ chase where it was used to hunt down a speeding Ducati driven by Carrie Ann Mosses character Trinity. In Bad Boys 2 though once again the CTS gets raped in an extreme chase sequence after Miami PD officers Marcus and Mike, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith respectively, commandeer a test drive unit. Will Smith famously quotes “Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins quarterback who was test driving the car) should definitely get one, but not this one though cause I’m a **** this one up!” whilst jumping across train tracks with the car.

The CTS on the road

The CTS has a very distinct style in the way it moves on the road. It’s a big bloody car, there’s no denying that. But it never felt, bulky. The weight is distributed in all the right places and the chassis is very responsive when it came to direction changes and corners. I loved the way it felt completely composed without having to resort to serious suspension work or rock hard damping.

It’s fast

And yes, despite the size, the car is pretty quick. It should be, given the size of the engine under the hood. A naturally aspirated 3.6 liter V6 pumps out 255bhp and 342Nm of torque. This V6 behaves more like the ones from Mercedes, where it’s a fat low down pull of torque rather than a zingy high end delivery you get from a BMW. But the extra 600 cc compared to the German’s really shows its presence. Coupled with a 6 speed autobox, this Caddy can easily give a hot hatch a good workout in keeping up between traffic. Makes a decent growl too under load.

A cosy place to speed

The badge does really set the theme for the inside of the car. Everything else revolves around this very badge. Despite all the spirited, performance-esque driving dynamics, the CTS’s interior is a cosy place to be. Plenty of rear legroom, the car has good visibility all around. And those seats. I do not have much experience with American cars, but one thing is for sure, these seats are AMAZING! So plush, so comfortable, so unfussed. Makes almost everything from Europe and Japan seem juvenile. The car comes with a thumping great Bose sound system, a quintessentially American centre console, with signature big controls and dials. The one quirk about the interior, which I personally like, is the placement of the seat belt. It’s attached to the seat, as opposed to mounted on the B pillar. That, is a cool feature which I really liked.

The party piece

The best thing about the CTS is the way it looks. It was closer to a concept cars look than your average Cadillac look when it was first launched. The big, strong, boxy grill, the sharp edged rear end, those twin tail pipes on either side. In black especially with the morning rays bouncing off the car, the Caddies presence is unmistakable. Even after 10 years, this car looks just as fresh as ever. And I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the CTS is going to cause plenty of heads to turn if I pulled up to the valet at TREC on a Saturday night. I can go on and on to justify the way it looks, but I rather let the pictures do the talking themselves.

Also a point highlighted by the owner, the car returns a decent return of 400km for approximately RM 130 of fuel. That works out to be 14 liters / 100km. To put that into context, a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder 2013 Honda Accord’s real world fuel consumption figure goes up to 11.1 liters / 100km based on owners feedback. 14 liters / 100km from mixed city driving is not bad at all!

The best thing about this CTS

The best thing about this CTS is that, it could potentially be sitting in your garage. This very example is for sale via Historic Motoring Ventures, Malaysia’s premier authority in classic and exotic cars. They organize, manage and promote various historic and exotic motoring events in the region. These are the guys who run the Asia Klasika Concourse which feature some of the best classic cars and exotic cars in the nation, including the Jaguar XJ220, the Jaguar F Type Project 7 (first time in Asia), and a bone stock, still with original radio R32 GTR, which they recently sold at one of their sales events.

Rest assured that Historic Motoring Ventures only deals with the best examples in the country, and whichever car that comes under their wings is truly a mint example of the model. A real passionate organization run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

This particular CTS, the only right hand drive unit in the country, which was brought in from the UK, is going for RM 180,000. Get this guys a call and view the car yourself to really appreciate it’s unmistakable presence. To view the car or to get more information on it please contact Historic Motoring Ventures at : 0163380779 or email them at:


Vehicle Summary

Make: Cadillac

Model: CTS

Year of Make: 2007

Registered in Malaysia: 2013

Engine Capacity: 3.6 liters

Engine output: 255bhp / 342Nm torque

Retail Price: RM 180,000 (nego)

Dealers: Historic Motoring Ventures

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