Route Hunters Episode

The catalog of every driving road we have covered and documented

Episode 1 : Gombak – Bentong

Episode 2 : Ulu Yam – Gohtong Jaya

Episode 3 : Pekan Batu 14 – Kuala Kelawang


Episode 4 : Kuala Kubu Baru – Fraser Hill


Episode 5 :  Benta to Jerantut


Episode 6 : Sg Koyan to Ringlet


Episode 7 : Jempol – Rompin


Episode 8 : Jerantut – Maran

Episode 9 : Rawang – Selangor Fruits Valley

Episode 10: Bukit Tagar – Behrang Station

Episode 11: Behrang – Sg Bil

Episode 12: Tapah – Lata Kinjang

Episode 13: Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands

3 thoughts on “Route Hunters Episode”

  1. Good reviews. I have navigated these roads myself and must agree that it is quite thrilling to run here. It definitely beats the boredom of driving on highways and it also enhances one’s driving skills and alertness behind the wheel. Agreed that the beauty of our country can be cherished when we drive on our B roads. Keep it up.

    1. Kuhen Velusamy

      Thank you very much Shanker! Driving on B Roads seem to be a dying art and we intend to pass down this knowledge to the next generation, while cataloging the best driving roads in Malaysia.

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