Top 10 things Malaysian motoring enthusiasts can do during the extended MCO

Its tough for a motoring enthusiast to be confined within 4 walls, even if it’s your own house. Even more so when the fuel prices are at a record low. And you know the roads are properly empty. With the extension of the MCO or Movement Control Order, here’s a couple of things my fellow car people, here’s 10 car related things you can do during this lockdown period. 

1. Binge Watch car related shows and anime’s

We live in the best time to be locked in our own houses. With everything from Netflix, YouTube and Astro, you can binge watch a variety of shows, which we will cover on a separate list of its own. Time to follow the exploits of the Devil Z, KITT, or 3 elderly gentlemen from Britain across two media platforms. 

2. Car Movie Marathon

Just like car shows, there’s a whole lot of car themed or movies with heavy motoring content. Everything from Ronin to Talladega Nights will give the petrolhead that warm fuzzy feeling you get after a good drive. Throughout these movies you will always be accompanied by exhaust noise, induction noise and, we guarantee will make you feel good. 

3. Car Games

If you still cant get your kicks from just watching stuff, then why not get into the action. If you dont have a gaming console, then stick to your PC or laptop, if you dont even have that, there are tonnes of amazing games to play on your mobile too. In fact rope your wife and kids into it and share the fun together. 

4. Clean your car

Without driving it anywhere, your car is probably filthy right now. I know mine is. Take this time to thoroughly clean it. You can use old tools in the house or create your own washing tools to go through each wheel spoke, and each grille opening in the front. Heck you can even detail your engine too while you’re at it. Whatever it is, 2 weeks is plenty of time to bring your car back to showroom condition in terms of cleanliness. 

5. Carry out basic maintenance

Your car which was clocking on average 30-50km daily is now stationary or running within your residential area. Start your car daily. Ensure your car has enough fuel, water in the cooling system, air pressure in your tyres and your cabin filters are cleaned manually. Make sure you carry out regular maintenance to help keep them in shape. If you require basic stuff like wipers and cabin filters, you can still buy them online via Lazada or other online shopping portals.

6. Listen to music in your car

This one goes out to all those who have a good audio system. Even if you dont, sitting in your car and listening to your favorite tunes can be the next best thing to driving your car. A small consolation in a way…..

7. Build cars online

Most of the international car sites around the world will have a section where you can build the car to your own spec or liking. Well this is the best period where you can build that dream spec Porsche or your spec your choice of interior for your Maserati. Be a baller on the virtual world, its free on the internet. 

8. International Classifieds Expedition

Ever wondered how much a 67 GT500 cost stateside, or how much a used McLaren SLR will cost in the UK? This is the time to do so. With the surplus of free time, you could do some online window shopping, comparing specs, price and even gather vital information about them. Sometimes even the description can be more entertaining than an episode of Top Gear. 

9. Read every RH Episodes

Its a shameless plugin yes, but why not? This would be the best time to go for a long drive on some spectacular roads around the Peninsular and scratch that driving itch everyone’s been having for so long. Our Episodes have clear route markings, landmarks and road numbers so you dont get lost and you have a good and safe time behind the wheel. Check it out by clicking here

10. Time to reconnect to your motoring Whatsapp groups

This is the best time to reconnect to your motoring community. Have a chat, share your findings and observations on all the above mentioned activities, your car friends are just as lonely and depressed as you are with the absence of any drive time. So be a good friend, who knows you might pass the time faster and more productive than you realize. 

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