Taycan for a ride: A quick overview on Porsche’s all-electric sports car

What is the Taycan?

Put simply, based on it’s Turkic origin, Taycan would roughly translate to ‘Soul of a spirited young horse’. Taking cue from Porsche’s coat of arms featuring said young horse, it could be Porsche’s way of reinventing themselves for the new electric powered race. It is Porsche’s very first full electric vehicle, meant to be a genesis of things to come and set the standard on what is to be expected from a veteran in German performance marques.

What does this mean for Porsche and it’s 911 heritage?

By being an EV, one can’t help but compare it to a Tesla. But Porsche’s Vice-President Stefan Weckbach and also the man behind the Taycan has been clear that his benchmark has been to make the Taycan drive, handle and feel as close to a 911 as possible. Now to us, that sounds like quite a bit of fun.

EV = Fun?

Fun, not a word one would derive from EVs as of late as there has not been many models which catch the eye, body and soul in one go. Teslas are efficient, Rimacs are wicked quick, but they might end up feeling a bit dull to the touch. Porsche hopes to score a hat trick here. The Taycan looks good, incites quite some yearning to own one and being bench-marked against I daresay the best Porsche has to offer (the 911), they might actually make it work.


In a Kingdom with no King, there are many who wish to be crowned the Lord of the EV’s. Aside from the Taycan, the closest competitor would be the Tesla Model S. The numbers don’t lie.

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S2020 Tesla Model S (Performance Model)
Horsepower616 (750 with OverBoost)Not Available
Torque (pound/feet)774Not Available
Battery93.4 kilowatt-hours.100 kilowatt-hours
0-100 KMPH2.6 seconds (estimate)2.4 seconds (estimate)
Price (USD $)185,000 ++115,000 ++

Being Tesla, they are very hush-hush on the information so do take it with a grain of salt as when these do hit the street and are properly tested, the numbers will definitely vary. We will definitely need to see these cars be put to the test, preferably head-to-head. Who do you think would come out on top and not just in a straight line?

Logical or Lunacy?

Tesla has always been the EV poster-boy but now with Porsche throwing it’s hat into the ring, albeit with a premium price, we think that this might be very interesting. This would definitely push more automakers into competing which would result in better vehicles for us the consumers. I enjoy petrol cars like I’m sure a good many of you do, but I would be lying if I said this has not caught my attention. What do you think about EV’s in general and also would you consider purchasing one of these when they eventually/hopefully hit our shores? Do let us know in the comments below!

Written By : Joshua John

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