Balik Kampung Support by Route Hunters (including emergency contacts)

The first ‘Balik Kampung’ season of the year is here, and Malaysian’s will be flocking on the roads to get from one side of the country to the other. For the unprepared, this would be a nightmare journey with hours of traffic. Imagine unforeseen accidents, holding in your pee to get to the nearest R&R but the traffic barely moves, the kids freaking out in the back because they are hungry. Or worst still, your car breaks down and you have no idea who to call?

Do not worry, we at Route Hunters are here to help. Here’s a comprehensive ‘Balik Kampung’ support list from us which will help you avoid such nightmare scenarios, and save yourself precious time and money in case you get caught in any unforeseen events. 

1. Car Health Check

The first thing you need to check is your cars health before you set off on your Balik Kampung Journey. Here are the basics you need to check on your car and why you need to do so. 


Your car is not going to start with a dead battery. The last thing you want is a flat battery after Maghrib at an R&R and your family and you are stranded there. So bring it to your neighborhood garage for a quick check. You could invest in a battery tester which you can get from RM16 on Lazada to check it your self. If you’re stranded, you could get battery replacement services from people like Bateriku, and RessQ60min ( to aid you for a flat battery. 

Cars Vital Fluids

This includes everything from Radiator coolant, wiper washer fluid and your engine oil. Get them topped up to the right level and make sure they are not leaking, especially radiator coolant and engine oil levels. A drop in either one will mean a dead car that will leave you stranded on your road trip

Spare tyre and tools

Before setting off be sure to check that you have a working spare wheel. Ensure that its inflated and you have the full set of tools to change one, including the safety lock nut. In the case of a puncture, not having any one of these tools is going to set you back in time and cold hard Ringgit. 

2. Route Check

Now that your car is ready, its time to plan your journey. By planning in advance you could avoid unnecessary time wastage and a generally uncomfortable trip back home. 

Plan your time and date

Choosing the right time and day to make your journey will give you the edge in avoiding traffic crawls and time wastage. Pre-dawn travelling time is not favored by most, therefore you can cover lots of ground at those hours. Not to mention the near empty RnR’s. 

Waze it all the way

And even if it’s a route that you’re familiar with, Waze it all the way. This way you can get a heads up on crawls or traffic incidents up ahead and not get caught in it. Also you can turn off the highway when there’s a crawl up ahead and save a little in terms of toll fare. Plus you will not get stuck between R&R’s in standstill traffic when you need to dash to the restroom. 

Avoid the usual R&R’s

Its the holiday seasons so the hotspot R&R’s on major highways are going to be clogged. We suggest you plan your stops either before or after the usual hotspots. For instance, those wanting to use the Tapah R&R could push on to the Simpang Pulai R&R which has more parking space and generally lesser crowd. Its only 40km more from Tapah. 

3. In case of an Emergency

So you’ve checked your car, and your route is planned. You’re driving along the way just fine but then there’s a curve ball on your road trip. Do not panic, here’s what you need to have to overcome such incidents. 

Emergency response kit

Every car has to have a basic medical kit, which should have painkillers, fresh bandages, and antiseptic cream / fluid. Even if you do not use it, it could be extremely useful to other road users. 

Basic Warning Tools

If you were to suffer a breakdown, be sure to have a proper reflective warning triangle placed at a safe distance from the vehicle to warn other motorists. A branch on a rainy night will not work, so be sure to have the right tool for the job. Also have a couple of torch lights in the car to further indicate other road users, so everyone stays safe. 

Have some emergency food

If you were to breakdown on your way back, be it on the highway or the B-roads, be sure to have some ’emergency food ration’ in the car. You may never know how long it would take before help comes, so food and water will be handy in said scenarios

Emergency Contact List

Last but not least, here’s a list of emergency contacts. In case of an emergency, these numbers could be helpful in getting you back on the road. 

PLUS Highway (including NKVE & ELITE)Road side assistance1800880000
LEKASRoad side assistance1800888021
Lebuhraya Pantai TimurRoad side assistance09-5479111
RessQ60minRoad Side Assistance03-76648188
BaterikuBattery Assitance 0111-6006008

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