9 highlights on the new G20 BMW 320i Sports

Not too long ago, BMW Malaysia created waves with the launch of the gorgeous G20 330i M-Sport. Now we have a new variant of the G20 in the form of the 320i Sport. What’s hot and new for the entry level variant of the current 3 series? Here are 9 highlights about the G20 BMW 320i Sport

1. A Punchy Engine.

The 320i sport features a 2.0l TwinPower Turbo engine that makes 184bhp and 300nms of torque at the rpm range of 1350-4000, which makes the car hit the 0-100 mark in 7.1 seconds. That means, compared to the Mercedes C200 which puts out 184bhp and 280nms of torque at 3000rpm, the 320i provides 20Nm more torque at a far lower rev point. That means your on the move and corner exit acceleration will be far more immediate than its rivals and predecessor. 

2. Striking looks.

The 320i really seems to have a very youthful look when compared to most of its competitors. What makes the 320i stand out the most is how both the LED fog lamps and air curtains are all integrated into the outer air intakes of the vehicle and also inserted into the front apron in a horizontal “T”. This design was actually developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. It also sports 18 inch V-Spoke styled alloy rims with a bicolor look as a proper finish.

3. Luxurious touches inside.

Inside the car, you’ll get Black Vermasca Leather upholstery everywhere including its bespoke sports leather steering wheel and also with an aluminium “Mesheffect” trim to compliment it. It also comes with a 3 zone climate control system to keep your cabin cool.

4. BMW Live Cockpit plus.

The car comes with an instrument cluster of 5.7 inches in size and also an 8.8 inch touchscreen control display. Under the Live Cockpit feature you get a perfect blend of analog gauges and digital display.

5. Convenience controls.

Controls such as the hands free reversing assistant that allows the driver to have a semi-autonomous ease when reversing the car down narrow areas, as there are sensors as well as a rear-view camera to guide the driver.

6. BMW Digital Key.

Powered by the BMW Operating System 6, the BMW Digital Key utilises Near Field Communication(NFC) that allows the car to lock/unlock or even start the engine with the latest cellphones, so that you’ll need not to carry a physical key.

7. BMW ConnectedDrive.

The feature to let you know that you’ve bought a BMW is of course the ConnectedDrive. You can get everything from roadside assistance, traffic update and even find what you want by just calling the Concierge service, while on the move in your 320i Sport. 

8. Pricing.

The BMW 320i Sport costs RM243,800.00 while the Mercedes-Benz C Klasse costs RM259,888.00. Though you do pay a cheaper road tax for C Klasse as it’s only RM90.00 while it costs RM380.00 for the BMW, but that’s all down to the preferences of course!

9. Warranty and other programmes.

You’ll be getting 5 years of warranty with unlimited mileage as well as a free scheduled service programme. The run-flat tyres also do come with a 2 year warranty!


We can conclude that the 320i sport comes with a generous amount of offerings, so what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.
-Deva Hariharan Shanker

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