KLIMS 2018 highlight : 8 reason why the Kia Picanto GT Line is the ultimate supermini at this year’s show

It’s no secret we at Route Hunters love the Kia Picanto. I mean what’s not to like about it? Its got a smaller dimension than a Myvi which makes it easier to park in tight spots, yet spacious for a 6ft 2 inch 100kg fella at the front AND back, equipment levels which are equal or more generous than some Continental cars, and handles and drive like a dream. The only issue we had about the car the last time we reviewed it was the way it looked, which could come across as a little too tame. That is until we visited the 2018 KLIMS motor show, where we saw the Picanto in its GT Line form. And here’s our 8 reasons why we feel this is the ultimate supermini at this years show!

THAT Bodykit


The first thing that hits you when you set your eyes on this bad boy is the way it looks. There’s a more aggressive design with more pronounced side air dams and twin foglamps up front. Along the side there’s a side skirt, giving this car a more aggressive stance. Out back the rear bumper gets the same level of steroids as the front, with a diffuser and twin tail pipes with chrome finishes. The bodykit does not feel cheap, if anything makes the car feel a whole lot more expensive than the base car price of under RM49,000.

New Shoes

The next thing you notice on the car’s outside is the new and dazzling 16 inch rims. Its got two designs place on one another to create this fabulously beautiful but aggressive 8 wheel. Of course there’s the obvious safety advantage of having big rims and tyre’s as it will help with braking and grip. But this rim wins Charile Sheen style in pure curbside appeal.

Color Play

Something you rarely see in cars brought it for the Malaysian market, the two tone color scheme. The Picanto GT Line’s updated exterior styling is highlighted in a big way thanks to the red accent running around the car. Definitely makes it stand out from the crowd, you wont mistake it for anything else on the road.

Leather Seats

New for the GT Line are these gorgeous leather seats. Kia’s leather has been really nice in both the Optima and the Sportage, so we are guessing it should be good in real world usage in the Picanto GT too, like wiping off spilled Latte during the morning rush hour or keeping you warm during a cold evening downpour.


One fun addition to the Picanto GT is the addition of a sunroof. It’s scientifically proven by the Route Hunters Lonely Hearts Research Division that the size of the sunroof is directly proportional to the probability of you landing a date with a lovely lady (just like Top Gear UK’s theory on Handbrake Turns). From enjoying the moonlight during a night drive to having your own Titanic ‘wind in the hair’ moment, a Sunroof is a lot of fun, and this could possibly one of the lowest price tags you can get a sunroof for.

Brake Faster Macha!

Just like BFM’s famous line on their car stickers, the Picanto GT Line comes equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking, and is able to activate from as high as 90kph! Which means if someone swerves into your lane and stops and if you do not react on time to brake the car will brake for you. This could just be the difference between walking away from a potential crash or getting seriously hurt.

Interior Uplift

Aside from the leather seats the Picanto GT Line also gets a flat bottomed, leather trimmed steering wheel. This really gives the interior a more sporty uplift from the base model Picanto. On top of that, the pedals are also different to add to that sporty presence.

Already capable base

As mentioned before, the standard Picanto is already a highly capable car. We had a whole lot of fun when we reviewed it at Bukit Putus. It had all types of toys thrown in like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB ports, leather steering wheel and possibly one of the best chassis you can buy at any price. You already got yourself a good buy if you go for the base Picanto. The GT Line model however dials everything up to 10 for this Korean wonder.

Although Kia Malaysia has yet to confirm the pricing for this car, it was rumored to be priced under RM60,000. This car will suit those who need a car that’s easy to live (both space and running cost wise) without having to buy something that feels cheap inside out. The GT Line bits are the added extra that really elevate this car’s feel from city runabout to stylishly sporty. Check it out at this year’s KL International Motorshow which is happening from now until the 2nd of December!


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